Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #86

Thirteen More (Hey We're Only to the F's) Silly Book Titles

Fortune Telling: Crystal Ball
Fred Can Philosophize!: Immanuel Kant
Free Willy by Freda Wale
French Cars: Myra Neault
French Overpopulation by Francis Crowded
Full Moon by Seymour Buns
Gambling by Monty Carlos
Gangway!: Hedda Steam
Gardening With The Ex-President: Rose Bush
Geez, It's Hot!: Mike Hammeldyed
Genie in a Bottle: Grant Wishes
Get Moving! by Sheik Aleg
Get Out There! by Sally Forth

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16 tell me a story:

Susan Demeter 5/14/2008 3:56 PM  

Some of those are super silly! Happy TT and have a great rest of the week!

Chelle Y. 5/14/2008 4:18 PM  

Are those real books? Haha!

Susan Helene Gottfried 5/14/2008 4:58 PM  

Looks like we're creeping into the Gs now...

You got this up early!!! Awesome!

kay 5/14/2008 5:09 PM  

I just love book titles--even the off-the-wall ones.

Anonymous,  5/14/2008 5:42 PM  

Gosh - I thought Sally Forth was a cartoon! ;) Great list - wow - what an amazing list! :)

Happy TT!

Colleen 5/14/2008 6:20 PM  

And have you read all these books??? Happy TT!

Michelle 5/14/2008 6:29 PM  

Those are pretty funny. It reminds me of the great book titles/authors in HP.

SandyCarlson 5/14/2008 6:47 PM  

Thanks for a fun post!

Lori 5/14/2008 7:59 PM  

Very cool:) Happy TT.

Unknown 5/14/2008 8:37 PM  

Fun list. Happy T13!

Cecily R 5/15/2008 12:05 AM  

So...did you come up with all of those? Very clever!!

Hootin' Anni 5/15/2008 5:02 AM  

I've seen the movie and read the story, "Free Willy"....but the title still makes me giggle.

My 13 this week is misnomers, can you think of any to add? Come by if you can.

Tammy 5/15/2008 5:45 AM  

Funny list! Happy TT

Denise Patrick 5/15/2008 1:57 PM  

My favorites are Full Moon and Gambling. LOLOLOL!!!!

Happy TT!

Ann 5/15/2008 7:35 PM  

Great list. Happy TT. Hope you're feeling better. :)

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