Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Let Me Count the Ways...

I'm slowing down.

I once typed 80 words per minute on a manual typewriter. Many many moons ago. LOL. I was timed in a high-school typing class but I'd been typing since I taught myself on my Mom's typewriter at age eleven and then was given a used portable Underwood that was older than me for my 13th birthday. So I'd been typing for years without ever worrying about speed before I took that class.

Around age 30 shortly after getting my first PC, a Tandy 1000EX, I timed myself at just over 100.

Neither rate was anywhere near competitive with those who pushed the boundaries, won type-a-thons etc. But I was content.

I knew I was slowing down. But really!

67 words


Maybe my typing teacher was right to harp on posture--I'm sitting bed with the laptop balanced on a box between my legs and Ed's back is pressed against my right elbow. Hmmm. Maybe it isn't as bad as this seems.

Plus I have been typing a lot today and am fairly fatigued.

Actually I had to make four tries before I got over 60 words. I decided to go with it for this post because it was the only one in which I got zero errors. So at least I had accuracy going for me. In one of my tries I managed nearly double the number of keystrokes but typoed 16 times and thus got a 37 word score.

I noticed too that it is difficult for me to type words in a list and out of context. I'm sure I'm faster when typing paragraphs.

I think I'm going to try this again when conditions are more favorable.

H/T Joely Sue Burkhart

Update: I went back and practiced at the site this morning--Wednesday. After several warm up tries I began getting scores in the sixties with either 1 or zero wrong words. Then I got this one over 70 with zero errors and thought I'd just update this:

73 words


If I ever work it up into the eighties with zero errors I think I will just post again to celebrate.

It is accuracy that I need to work on!

The two most common mistakes are transposing left-hand and right-hand keystrokes and not hitting the space bar hard enough to take.

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