Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time Flies--As the Pages Turn

I'm postponing my Poetry Train post until sometime tomorrow. At least I hope I am just postponing--will have to see how things are after I've had a good rest.

Tonight I'm racing the clock to finish Duma Key before Ed leaves for work in the morning--about seven. With just under a hundred pages left that would mean about two hours normally but things aren't normal yet. My eyes tire easily and need breaks. I tire easily and have difficulty holding this 600 page hardback steady in the right position. But hey, at least I'm reading some every day now. Couldn't say that a week ago. So things are looking up.

By the way, re the burning question of Thursday's post? According to my Father-in-law's doctor the bug running rampant through our family since early March was the flu. He based that on descriptions of the symptoms though and not on a definitive lab test. But the story is that there was a nasty flu strain that wasn't covered by this year's flu vaccine. And the Rogue Valley was hit pretty hard by it.

Well, back to Duma Key. I passed that point in a typical thriller where the tension starts ramping up without pause for breath about a hundred pages ago. I hated putting it down long enough to post this and I hope I won't have to put it down again before the last page is turned.

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