Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Better Get This Done



And this. And this. Oh, and this too.

That's the theme of my day, with one of the most physically active agendas since I got sick over a month ago. On the agenda with a lot of ifs is a possible chance to go to the library. If Ed gets off work in time. If I get all my chores done. And if after that I've got any energy left for the outing.

The chores mostly fall under a single category: Remove all traces of mine and Ed's messes from the bathroom, laundry room, living room and kitchen. By noon if possible as the pressure will be on after that. His folks left for the coast Saturday afternoon and are due back this afternoon or evening.

I've already been working at it for several hours, having gotten up before five this morning. I just sat down for a break--it's just after nine--and got to thinking I better start working on a post ASAP as I will likely be as tired tonight as I was last night after being awake from 3AM Sunday morning.

I have the last two loads of the laundry in the machines. I could have had that done yesterday but chose to spend some time sitting outside instead of working on it. Am so glad I did as the sun is gone again today. It is chilly, overcast and has rained several times since before six this morning. Bleh.

I started the laundry Saturday within minutes after Ed's folks pulled out of the driveway. But by the time I had it all pulled out of the room into the hall and partially sorted so I could get the first load on I was so exhausted I had to lay down. And I fell asleep. That was about 2PM and tho Ed woke me to say goodbye when he left for the dirt track races at 3, I could not get myself in gear. I fell back to sleep and tho I woke several times that afternoon, once even getting as far as the living room couch before crashing again, I could not manage to stay awake let alone get busy.

I did not get up until after 9PM Saturday! Then I had to rush to get the rest of the bedding through the machines so Ed could make the bed when he got home at midnight. I also managed to finish sorting the clothes but then left them on the laundry room/hallway floor until this morning.

I had counted on Saturday afternoon and evening while Ed was at the races to focus on my Friday Snippet piece but did not get started on it until after Ed was in bed which was well after midnight. Which was why I didn't paste it into the shell I had posted Friday night until after noon Sunday. Then I slept from three to seven Sunday, getting up for the dinner Ed made: Chicken Alfredo from scratch.

I started to work on my Monday Poetry Train post after dinner but could not keep my eyes open so I lay down for a 'nap' and didn't wake until 2:44 almost six hours later. So Monday started dark and early for me. I spent the morning yesterday cleaning up after two days worth of our use of the kitchen. So thankfully I've only got last night and this morning's messes to clean up this morning.

There goes the dryer's buzzer. The washer beeped half an hour ago....

OK. Last load in the dryer. I just used twenty extra minutes of energy to take pictures of Merlin, Sweetie and my temporary office setup on the living room couch. I moved out here in dribs and drabs starting Saturday night. But I have to get it all moved back into the bedroom in the next two hours. I should probably start that project next even before dishes and definitely before my shower and putting the bathroom to rights.

I set up my office on a card table but since there is no room to set it up anywhere else out of the way of pathways through the room and eye paths with the TV, I set it up over the top of one end of the couch by extending only two legs and propping the other side on a cardboard box that also served as a 'drawer slot' for a boot box top to keep odds and ends in. It is going to take between six and ten trips between the couch and the bedroom to move it all back in there. I hope I have the strength left to fold the two legs of the table back down. I can't count on Ed getting home before his folks.

Well, that's a twenty minute rest and leaves me 100 minutes to finish my chores. I suppose I better get busy. But I'm not going to post this until later. I am going to try to get the pictures off the camera first and prepare a few for posting. But I'm not going to start that project until my chores are done.

Later. Much Later. It is after six and I'm loosing steam fast. But it has been a very good day. Very productive in many senses though I didn't get to write on anything but this post or read anything or surf blogs. :( But I did get my chores all done before noon. And I did get to go to the library--two days short of a full six weeks since the last trip.

And as you can see, I got the pictures off the camera and prepared for posting. That is such a chore as for some reason the application for getting them off the camera is different from the one that I process them with and I don't know why that is. The program that transfers them off the camera automatically opens when I upload the pictures and it isn't even the one that came with the camera.

Both of the applications are heavy RAM users and I have to shut other applications like IM and email and anything using a lot of graphics, flash or memory before I can start the project and I can't have both of the photo managing aps open at the same time either.

This didn't use to happen. I once had it set up for the computer to ask me which ap to use. But this new program got downloaded as part of another download and elected itself as primary photo application. I guess I need to figure out how to give my computer orders. Thing is both aps can do both aspects--taking the pics off the camera and processing them for the web. But I don't know how to do the latter with the new program and haven't had the time to learn my way around a major new ap. It would be worth it to make the time though as the new program can do way more things.

My Weekend Workstation

Back side

Close up of desk

Front side.

This is where I worked on my Friday Snippet between midnight and noon on Sunday

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