Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sunday Serenity #52

You guessed it. It's another bookstore. But in this video the bookstore is the scene of a cute story about a girl who finds adventure between the pages of the books she pulls off the shelf. It is pretty well done for an amateur production.

Today, Saturday, Saturday was supposed to be the first day of dirt track racing season. I was soooo looking forward to it. I don't go to the races but Ed and his folks do and that leaves me home to enjoy alone time and a chance to do laundry and room cleaning without worrying about being in anyone's way. But races were canceled due to the weather. We actually had snow today!!! Almost an inch fell and stuck on all but the darkest colored things between five and six.

Last Saturday it reached the eighties!! Go figure.

I'm hoping to spend part of my Sunday lost between the pages of a book. If, that is, I can get my snippet inserted into the place-holding shell I put up yesterday.

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Jamie 4/21/2008 2:16 PM  

Books are a great way to spend a peaceful day.

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