Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #82

Thirteen Videos Featuring Bookstores

1. Green Apple Bookstore in San Francisco.
2. City Lights in San Francisco.
3. A Bookstore Cat Has Playdate with Boxer Pup. No idea where but it is so funny. The puppy tries to teach the cat how to play catch but the cat is having none of it and instead tries to teach the Boxer pup how to box.
4. Eslite Bookstore in Taiwan is open 24/7 year around.
5. Hodges Figgis in Dublin is Ireland's largest bookshop, stocking 60K titles.
6. Wigtown, Scotland's largest secondhand bookstore.
7. Go Negosyo Big Time--Bookstore Business. This is Part 1 of an episode of a Philippine TV show aimed at young people that examines careers. There are several bookstores featured and their owners interviewed. I'm only posting the first one but it is easy to find the rest via the 'Related' list at YouTube.
8. C-Span's Book TV interview with Sander Hicks founder of Vox Pop, the bookstore and coffee shop in Brooklyn, New York.
9. Bookstore Road Trip Part 1. A tour for book addicts of independent bookshops in New York City.
10. Bookstore Road Trip Part 2. A tour for book addicts of independent bookshops in Los Angeles CA
11. El Alteneo Bookshop in Buenos Aires.
12. Antiquarium Bookstore in Omaha. A several story used book store tour guided by a man who fondly remembers it as a beloved childhood hangout.
13. Powell's Books Portland OR. The biggest bookstore I've ever been in, is about 45 miles from where I grew up. Though I didn't discover it until the early 90s when I was in my mid thirties. I couldn't decide between them so here is another video featuring Powell's. The last time I was there was on the day I was heading back to the Rogue Valley after my two week visit with my family in December. I got to spend all of maybe an hour.

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2 tell me a story:

Anonymous,  4/18/2008 12:45 PM  

Yay independent bookstores! What a great idea... it's like commercials for the stores, which too often (i'm not looking at you powell's!) don't get the kind of marketing and publicity they deserve.

Anonymous,  4/18/2008 6:03 PM  

Bookstores are my favorite place to hangout -- especially Indie stores. Great idea for TT13!

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