Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Still Indulging

I watched another three Ugly Betty episodes since I posted last night plus the pilot of Samantha Who? I will probably watch another Ugly Betty as soon I've posted as I left off with a major cliffhanger. With Betty having just been fired by Daniel. And Daniel performing CPR on his father who collapsed just before the I dos in his wedding. OK it is a total soap opera. Or maybe a slap-stick spoof of soap operas. It is pretty over the top like Desperate Housewives. And, like Desperate Housewives is a pullig back of the veil of respectibility of upperclass suburban families to reveal the superficiality of thier materialism, Ugly Betty reveals the superficiality of the fashion and advertising and entertainment industries that push that materialism.

I am not up to posting a TT tonight but hope to do so sometime tomorrow. Though it may be another batch of those silly titles. I'll see how I feel.

On my agenda as soon as I am able to read for more than a few minutes at a time is Stephen King's latest, Duma Key, which I checked out of the library two weeks ago as of tomorrow and now have only one week to finish. I'm going to indulge myself and read it even if I don't get all my prescribed tasks and chores caught up. Last Thursday I had just managed to get caught up and intended to start it the next day only to find myself too sick to read by Friday evening. Right now I am picturing sitting outside on the lawn chair with Merlin cavorting with the butterfilies and no-see-ums in the grass nearby. Maybe the weather will cooperate. But if not this week, soon. Another six weeks from now we'll probably look back with fondness on the coolness and intermittent showers of this time.

Thursday has been my day for going to the library since the Phoenix branch opened in its new building in February. But I skipped last week in favor of spending the time with the books I had at home. And I probably won't get to go this week either. Obviously I am in no shape to make the mille walk. And even if Ed happenes to get home in time to drive me over, I'm sure I shouldn't be using my energy that way just yet. Though I've got such a case of cabin fever! I must be feeling better to even be thinking about it.

Forgive me for not editing this. I know I should italicise titles and such and I know my spelling is always atrocious but I just can't keep my eyes focused on the fonts to do that kind of detail work just yet.

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