Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So Many Pages, So Little Time

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Must I really set aside a Stephen King novel and try to come up with something non-boring to post about? Well I suppose I must if I don't want to break my daily post string. I just realized that this post marks one full year of posting without missing a day and because this was a leap year and February 29 is behind us that means this is the 366th straight post. And I noticed while passing through the Blogger Dashboard that tomorrow will be my 700th post since debuting Joystory in November 2004.

I began daily posting as compensation and consolation for loosing access to the library last April after our county system closed its doors indefinitely for lack of funding on Friday, April 6. I had held onto one book, a novel I hadn't quite finished, over the weekend and while walking it over to the library on Monday morning, I contemplated the idea of committing to daily posts.

I finally started Duma Key late yesterday even though, as I mentioned the other day, I needed to start it by Sunday evening to have any hope of finishing it in time to return it to the library when it is due Thursday. I had hoped to devote Sunday to reading it but woke with a headache. Then Monday I woke up with an earache that was like having a q tip jammed inside it with some sadist tweaking it every time I moved my jaw. This was accompanied by dizziness that was exacerbated by moving my eyeballs. When this abated enough to allow for reading in the late afternoon, I needed to prepare for the A New Earth webinar at six. I was already a week behind as I had been unable to finish last week's chapter before class and still hadn't. I finished chapter five and then skimmed chapter six so I am still behind.

I've got a slew of books coming due on Thursday which I won't be finished with. Not that I expected to have finished with all of them but I had hoped to make a better showing. This vicious virus has had me in its grip for nearly two weeks and for most of that time, all I could do was fantasize about reading.

I haven't been to the library for almost three weeks! Yesterday Ed went in order to pick up the books that I'd ordered. There were eleven items waiting for me--one DVD and ten books. I haven't unpacked the bag yet.

Well, I'm heading back to Duma Key...

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Ann 4/09/2008 6:18 PM  

Feel better soon!

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