Monday, April 28, 2008


The highlight of my day today was an hour and a half spent sitting in the yard reading with Merlin on his leash nearby and Sweetie roaming the yard or sitting beside me. The first time this year! I was going to talk about the books I had outside with me. About the pure bliss of feeling the warmth of the sun on the tops of my feet--yes, I was barefoot. A week ago we had three days of snow showers and today I sat in the yard barefoot and bare armed. I had meant to take the camera out with me but forgot and could not spare the energy of returning to get it. So I was going to hunt for the pictures taken about this time last year of Merlin on his leach perched on or beside the big white lawn chair like he was today and post them instead. But I literally cannot keep my eyes open one more minute. Less.

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Jamie 4/29/2008 3:46 PM  

The weather has been funky this year, snow,rain, and sunshine. At least we won't have a dry

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