Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm So Dizzy!

The flu thing is waving a long good-bye this week and it seems to have left behind some baggage. I've still not got much of the hearing back in my left ear and it spends most of the day and night talking to itself in sloshy smacks and whistles and ticks and tocks and ringing and humming. And that always giggle-making sound (for five-year-olds) of blowing bubbles into a milkshake through the straw.

Adding to the giggles is the vertigo. It is as bad as for the toddler in this first video who climbs out of a chair just after being spun in it. I navigate through the house like a pinball.

I was working on a major TT project on a theme related to yesterday's post but didn't get it finished before the stamina of both myself and my laptop gave out. I think it is because I've been watching so many YouTube in the last several days without restarting that my laptop is acting nearly as dizzy as I feel, expressing its discombobulation with excessive amounts of the spinning hourglass

I'm putting up this second video mainly for the song accompanying the visuals. The lyrics include the line, I'm so dizzy. I'm not sure who the artist is but it sounds very familiar and I seem to remember hearing it at least as far back as my teens which would be the 1970s. The visuals though, including both the optical illusions in the first minute or so and the video clips of spinning, toppling, tumbling people, pets and etc. is a pretty good representation of what it feels like in my head. Please ignore the taunting, sadistic text messages which the creator of this video left at the beginning and end. I almost didn't post it because of them but I couldn't get that silly song out of my head and I couldn't find another version of it on YouTube.

I was preparing a major TT on the theme of yesterday's post but didn't get it finished before both myself and my laptop ran out of steam. I think it was because I was watching so many YouTube in the last couple days without doing a restart that the computer began to act as dizzy as I felt, expressing its discombobulation with excessive amounts of the spinning hourglass. I should have done a restart before I started working on this post. If only I would have 'wasted' the half hour it would have taken for a restart. I will never get back those ten thousand spins...

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