Saturday, January 31, 2015

Up Time -- ROW80 Check-In

Screenshot of  My Entire Screen

I have been working since Friday afternoon after Mom left to spend the weekend at my brother's at getting my computer ready for a restart and update.  No one would believe it without proof so I took a screenshot of the entire screen after arranging for as many as possible of the open aps, browser windows and tabs to be visible.  To top if off I show the Task Manager with the clock counting the hours since the last restart circled.

They call it 'Up Time' and as of this afternoon it stood at 75 days 10 hours.

This is what comes of using open windows and tabs as a to-do list.

My sister has gone after Mom so my time to focus on this task is ending and it isn't much better than when I started.  Some things were closed.  Other things were opened.

When I bring tabs or windows forward to close them I start working on the task they represent instead of bookmarking or noting the task in my actual task list.  I started reading ebooks.  I started watching videos opened via links in emails. I returned to research represented by Google search tabs and the tabs opened via its links. I lurked on social media.  I fiddled with Calibre ebook library metadata. And I started working on the Candy Kiss rewrite after allowing it to sit on the taskbar since early December without touching it!

And of course, after getting the idea for the screenshot, I reopened things I'd already closed for the photo op.  And started using them again.

This is seriously impacting (as in jarring crunch and derailing) all my goals.  ROW80 and health and business and crafts and relationships.....

I was really hoping that this check-in was going to be about the update and restart past tense.  But instead I'll have to declare that it is my intent to have completed the update and restart before Wednesday's check-in.

My Round 1 intentions: seek to regain my joy/Joy in writing and to prepare the soil for its blooming with these time investment goals:
  • Storydreaming 15min Daily (I never lost this one since instating it in my first round in 2012.  A ROW80 win!) 100%
  • Read/Study Craft 15min Daily 30% (reading blog posts on topic)
  • Move/Breathe/Meditate 15min Daily 10%
  • Personal Journaling 15min Daily 0%
  • Read Fiction 30min Daily 50%
  • Social network activities 30min Daily (writing Joystory posts doesn't count only social reaching out like reading/commenting on other blogs, guest posts and posting to fb, twitter, pinterest etc) 20% 
Current Joy Meter: under 50%  That is up from a dip into the teens last weekend.  Mood has been volatile.

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Fallon 2/02/2015 2:29 AM  

Good luck with your restart and with your goals for the next week.

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