Thursday, January 29, 2015


No Longer a Wannabe Beanie

Fixed the oops.

For pics of the before see last Saturday and Sunday posts.

It took me a week and dozens of hours of experimenting.  Putting stitches in and taking them out.  Test this stitch then that one, placing them here then there, trying this many gathers then that many.  Turned out to need every other column to be pushed to the inside which means the rim had been double the size it needed to be.

I had to put in two rows of gathering slip stitches.  One around the bottom edge, pushing every other puff stitch inside and the other around the last blue row snugging each stitch to its neighbor.

And it's tails are tucked.  It's ready to wear.  One of the dozen or so projects I began since January 3rd it is now the first one finished since January 3.

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