Friday, January 02, 2015

Enjoy Able

Enjoy Able

This fall was a rough ride with my mood a roller-coaster laboring up the inclines towards happy only to zip in a blink into the dips and getting stuck there for a time before beginning the climb again.  I lost interest in many of my regular passtimes but hung onto a few including the ongoing sorting/organizing project, videos (Star Trek and 3rd Rock from the Sun) and fiber arts.  I often combined videos with one of the other two.

Thesethings I still found enjoyable and thus continued to find myself still able to enjoy.  Lifesaving!  No lie.

One of my goals for 2014 was to finish more projects than I started--especially in fiber arts.  By midsummer I'd neither started nor finished many at all so in late August I set out to see how many I could finish before Christmas.  I lost count around a dozen in late October.  I've no idea if I met my goal tho as I started well over a dozen new ones between Halloween and Christmas--gifts and ornaments.

The picture above shows 7 of the items I'm making for Mom.  Some of them were in progress before the late summer push but I began several more.  With her birthday being January 3rd I had to prepare two sets of gifts.  These are not all as I gave her three small items for Christmas--a bookmark, a bracelet and a crocheted bow hairpin.  The items in the picture are the remainder of the smallish items that I still have hopes of finishing before her party begins at noon tomorrow:

  1. a pad for her tray to keep her plate or bowl from sliding
  2. another tray pad
  3. a flower hairpin
  4. a bow hairpin
  5. a bracelet
  6. a necklace
  7. a drawstring bag for her heart magnifier
I never got close on any of the bigger items I planned for her: legwarmers, scarf, hat, muff, lap blanket, apron...

Well if I don't get with it, I won't be handing her any new packages actually as it is now less than nine hours before we leave.

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