Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Forays in Fiction: Channeling the Women of Star Trek

The Women of Star Trek

I just watched the last episode of Voyager which concludes my marathon rewatching of every Star Trek episode of every series since early September.

It started out as prep for NaNoWriMo because my coming of age YA novel character was a fanatical fan of all things Star Trek and the concept for the story was that whatever dilemma or crisis was thrown at this teen girl a solution or insight could be found in one or more of the Star Trek episodes or Movies.

Since my character was a young girl she would be consciously or unconsciously finding role models among the Star Trek women so for the first time ever I consciously focused on the women characters throughout my marathon.

Oddly enough I feel as though I've just been through my own coming of age story arc.  Or at least the first half or so of it since I don't yet feel I've reached a resolution.

I'm astounded by how strongly I've been impacted by the experience.  I'm still processing it.  Much of it is not at a level where verbalization is possible but I began feeling a strong sense of a shift in my own psyche about half-way through November--right around my birthday--and I'm sure I'm never going to be the same.

In my story synopsis on NaNo I said my character would be channeling the Star Trek women.  Now that has become my own aspiration.

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