Saturday, January 03, 2015

Family Joy

Birthday Girl
The answer to the question posed in yesterday's post is 4--#'s 3, 4, 5, and 6.  I had to skip sleep to get that many.  Finished sewing the button and clip on the flower barrette while sitting at the table waiting for my plate.  Then clipped it to the gift bag handle instead of fussing with the tissue to rearrange stuff.

Two hours of family rejoicing with our 83 years young Mom followed by two hours of shopping alone at Michael's followed by an hour's vid chat with Ed followed by an hour of fussing with my Michael's haul--yarn and decorative boxes--followed by an hour of misc. fussing--cleaning up the craft workstation, changing out my party clothes into pjs, loading the dishwasher, getting a snack--followed by two hours of wrestling with my Blaze phone for custody of the pics I took today.  Now I'm out of steam and don't feel like prepping any more pics.

Mom went home with my brother's family so my sister and I have a couple days to relax a bit.  We'll both be as busy as ever.  We just won't need to stay hyperaware of what Mom's doing and where she is and when her stomach rings the meal bells or continuously monitor her pain and fatigue levels by her tone of voice and posture, or listening for her voice or footsteps and cane thumps.

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