Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ribbon Running Wild

Ribbon Running Wild
This is the mess I made of my ribbon between Halloween and January 3rd (Mom's bday)

The Ribbon Corral

The solution?  I hope so.  I'm so tired of rolling all that ribbon back on the spools.

Now all I need is to find time to do it one more time and organize the six spindles...

That will be a joyous moment as then when I need a ten inch length of one color for a simple bookmark it will be a ten second task.  And one that doesn't involve chasing a spool of ribbon across the floor or under the mini-tramp.

Or fighting Bradley for it.

This ribbon storage was one of the items in my BIG Cyber Monday week order.  Can you believe I forgot to get a picture of that order and everything in it before I put it all away?  First time since I started blogging fiber art that I didn't make a post production out of it.

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