Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Serenity #360

Kanade Sato age 9

Last Sunday I began a My Bucket List series for Sunday Serenity.   Today and going forward I will keep the linked list of the preceding ones at the bottom of the post.

My Bucket List
#2 Play on a real drum set

It took me awhile to figure out exactly how to define the item for the list.  I finally settled on what  you see heading this.  But a one time event would not be enough.  I actually dream of owning my own drum set.  But I won't be living anywhere with room to set one up and a soundproof room or enough space between me and neighbors that wouldn't matter so initially it would be awesome just to get to play on someone else's under whatever circumstance.

Playing on an electronic set with headphones would be an acceptable substitute for playing until we do have room for a set.  But it would not be the fulfillment of this bucket list item.  I use the term 'play' loosely as I'm self 'taught' with a pair of drumsticks on practice pad and whatever surface or object that looks like it'll make an interesting sound.

I think I would also like to take lessons.  Preferably with someone who can talk about what it is like to play on stage and travel with a band.  Because my WIP, Orbiting Jupiter, is stalled until I can figure out how to fill in those gaps in my knowledge.  Watching YouTube vids and reading text can take me only so far.

I've wanted to play drums ever since I was the age of Kanade Sato in the vid above or even longer.  When it came time to choose my band instrument at age 11 just before entering 6th grade my first choice was drums.  but the band teacher said, 'Girls don't play drums.'  and my Mom said, 'You can't play hymns on drums.'  And so my choice was nixed.

My desire for the drums was so strong it was as tho it filled the top ten slots of my choice list and I only selected another one under pressure.  The one I liked most was the flute but while experimenting with the instruments lined up on the stage under the teacher's and my parent's supervision, I could  not get the flute to make a musical sound.  The best I could get out of it was the sound you get blowing across a bottle top--wind with a slight whistle.  So they suggested I try something else.  I finally settled on the clarinet but the three years I was stuck with it were torturous.  I absolutely detested the sensation of the vibrating reed on my lips.

Ah well.  I digress.  This was supposed to be all about the happy created by contemplating the long desired To Do Someday item.

My Bucket List

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