Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sunday Serenity #357

More Inspirations
For weeks I've been feeling like I'm chasing my tail.  I've got so many commitments and projects in the works but I think it would all be manageable if life wasn't always trying to sabotage me with among other things:

  • Internet connection issue that turns 1 hour projects into 4 or 8 hour projects.  
  • Illness.  
  • Clinic appointments that crowd or push aside other commitments.  
  • Conflicts in schedules when my schedule depends on someone else's. 
I am slowly learning how to juggle it all.  Some of what I've learned that helps is:

Having a schedule
Having a plan in place for when something knocks me off the schedule
Having a plan for using extra time those rare times a task is finished in less than the estimated time

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