Saturday, October 05, 2013

Fall 2013 Challenges

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Dewey's 24hr Read-a-Thon October 12
It's a good thing I had the concept for this post now as I hadn't yet checked to see if they'd scheduled the October Read-a-Thon.  Usually it is one of the last two Saturday's of October so this was unexpectedly early and I might have missed it!

This will be my 13th.  But like the one last April I won't be doing the full 24 hours.  My med schedule and sleep schedule have to take priority.  So I will start with the rest at 5am but won't be able to push it much past midnight.  In April I made it to 2am but that was before I switched from night owl to early bird last summer.

Virtual Author Blog Tour reviews 

  • Tinseltown Riff by Shelly Frome -- October 10th
  • The Return by Melissa Douthit -- October 21
  • The Thunderbird Conspiracy by R. K. Price -- October 30
  • Ghosts of Lost Eagle -- November 4
  • Sinnerman by Jonathan M. Cook -- November 7
  • The Three Sisters by Bryan Taylore -- November 12
  • Blood Drama by Christopher Meeks -- November 15
  • Head Games by Erika Rummel -- November 19
  • Journey to Galumphagos By Seth Eisner -- November 21
  • With Friends Like These by L. Hunter Cassells -- November 25
  • Woman on Top by Deborah Schwartz -- November 27

Also for Virtual Author Book Tours I'll be posting my review as a Beta tester of a new website/community for Inde Authors some time in mid October.


A Round of Words in 80 Days
Round 2 2013

The writing challenge that
 knows you have a life
Round 4 of ROW80 begins tomorrow with the first check-in on Wednesday.  I was hoping to have my Goals updated before posting this but did not get to it.  But other than the specifics of the writing projects I'll be focusing on it will look much the same as my goals are mostly of the time investment commitments

Still haven't updated my profile for this year.  Probably because I haven't chosen the novel to work on either.

AWAI Copywriting course work including the 10K challenge to complete a project for AWAI that can potentially earn me up to $10,000 if I am able to apply what I learn to their satisfaction.
Personal Challenges

Finish the Secret Santa crochet project from last year!  so close but so far.  I Finished the two panels of squares that make up the top, bottom and side pockets of this crafter's tote.  But I still have two inches of 2 chain mesh to add to the 8ft Mobius strip that will make the bottom, sides and carry strap.

Also still need to tuck tails on the panels and once the Mobius strip is off the hook attach it to the panels and the panels to each other.

Start the  Secret Santa project for this year (twill be much smaller project!)  Will make up for that by adding something bought and/or a gift card

Continue Daily posting

Dentist, Doctor and Counselor appointments:  There will continue to be several per month

Now that my mood has been stabilized and the infection in my teeth being dealt with it is time to:

  • Return to daily exercise
  • Take on some more responsibility here at Mom's to take some of the burden off my sister
  • Continue the sorting and packing of my belongings in anticipation of return to Rogue Valley before Christmas (Hope won't die)

Create Professional Website for Copywriting Business
Create Professional Website for Self Publishing Business
The website work amounts to dabbling in the sandbox versions my husband is setting up for me at first but I will need to get serious after Thanksgiving as I hope to go live the first week of January.

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