Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I Have a 2Dos Pileup

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I don't even really have time to explain.

I just learned I have a counselor appointment tomorrow afternoon which I'd forgot to put in my calendar.

I'm already three hours past my bedtime.

I have a standing appointment with my husband for a 6am vid chat which I missed this morning by falling back to sleep after timer went off.

My  inbox is flooded with emails screaming for my attention.

I have another blog tour book review going up on Thursday and haven't started the book!! :(

The tooth extraction Monday combined with the nasty crick in my neck since Sunday and the apparent re-escalation of the infection in the other tooth today, four days after the round of antibiotics finished has thrown me off track.

Add to that a terrible bout of indigestion that makes me afraid to lay down.  The last time this happened its resolutions was quite unpleasant.  But so is this status quo.

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