Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Cat Gotz My Goat

Gotchya!        yu kwash gud LMAO             Mwahehehe Hay, beets watchn teh fishiz swimn n der box
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Lesson #199977663 Best not to walk across the room in the dark even if you think you know the path is clear.  Cats have cat's feet and they don't call them cat's feet for nothing.

How do you break a cat from walking between your feet?

Just minutes ago I tripped over Merlin, stubbed three toes on chair, ripping middle toe nail back, then crashed into wall with left arm  and nose skinning knuckles and knocking glasses askew.

Too bad there wasn't a video of it.  Could have gone viral.

Not ten minutes later I stubbed the same set of toes on the cat's hind feet triggering an equivalent degree of pain in that broken nail.  Nausea inducing pain.

This just hours after stabbing my palm while pitting a peach.

I'm having a day.

It doesn't help that I've been awake for 26 hours.  And that's another story altogether.

Having been sleeping through the hottest hours of the day during the heat wave, I woke at 9pm Monday and about an hour later started working on my post but when I wasn't done yet at midnight I decided to get my midnight snack and coffee and watch a video while eating.  In the last five minutes of the second episode of Missing the Internet connection went down.  That was about 2am maybe 2:30.

I spent the next twelve hours testing the connection every five to fifteen minutes.  Did not get it back until 2:22pm and even then it was up and down two or three or five times in every fifteen minutes until after 9pm.  It took 90 minutes to download a news pod that usually takes 4 to 6 minutes.

It took fifteen minutes to watch that last five minutes of the episode of Missing that got interrupted last night.  And then it was a major cliff hanger.  Yet it was the last episode as the show got canceled.  I had not been aware of that and had been expecting the typical series finale that wraps up all the loose threads.

I didn't get my Monday post up until after 3.  That was close to my bedtime of late but I'd planned to lay down closer to noon so Ed could call me for dinner between six and seven as he was bbq steak.  I did not want to mess that up so I decided to stay up thinking I'd go to bed directly after dinner.  But Ed and I got to visiting on the porch and next thing I knew it was after 9 and I still needed to post.

For several months now I've been posting my Wednesday ROW80 check-in just before midnight on Tuesdays but I don't feel like putting that one together tonight.  My brain is fried.  And I'm starting to feel the pains from that major jarring already.  My neck feels whiplashed.

And my left thumb aches like a bad tooth from the stab wound near its base.  BTW have you ever tried getting a band aid to stay put in that spot between the thumb-index finger web and the wrist.

Well at least the heatwave broke.  It was warm today but not like an oven.  I didn't even think of the fan until after 4pm.

It will be nice sleeping without having to cuddle the frozen water bottle...

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