Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Boss of Me
In honor of the beginning of August Camp NaNoWriMo and Laurie Halse Anderson's August Write Fifteen Minutes a Day Challenge, I finally took the plunge I've been threatening to for months.  I set up a separate desktop for writing only.

No games, browsers, image aps, ebook libraries, podcast libraries.  No messed up fiction files and endless tasks lists to endlessly fiddle with.  Only the RTF Word Pad and only one file created per month with the date in its name for collecting all free writing, rough drafting, keyboard musings, journaling, and notes to self occurring as such exercises progress.

I'm also without admin privileges and if that proves to not be enough I will add parental controls but I think I can remain disciplined as long as the shortcuts to all of the distractions are not in sight and I take the attitude of an employee to myself who has an assignment to turn in.

Then on my regular desktop as the boss of me, myself and I, I will open the 'assignment' file and copy/paste it's contents to the appropriate files in my WhizFolders writing ap where I can shuffle them about to my heart's content and add, edit, combine, and whatnot.

I haven't been back over to it since creating it last night though and it is getting quite late in the day.  Today was consumed by the anxiety of having my sister Jamie in throat surgery yet again but news that she is awake and talking and no complications so far leaves me feeling free to leave my regular desktop where I've been umbilicaled to fb my only source of updates all day.  So as soon as I click Publish I'm outta here--off to my Joywrite desktop where I will combine my WFMAD and NaNo.

Laurie's prompt was to write about what you allow to get in the way of your writing.  Mmm, yeah.  I could write for fifteen hours on that alone.  She also suggests taking on the prompts as a character in one of our stories as a cool riff on it.

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