Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mediterranean Take and Bake Pizza in Phoenix, OR

 We have discovered a new local treasure within walking distance of our place.  It is in fact in the small Phoenix shopping center where Ed gets on and off the bus on work days.

The heatwave having broke Monday the temps dropped into the 80s today, down from the triple digits of last week, making today the first in nearly a month we didn't mind using the oven.

The place is called Mediterranean Take and Bake and the chef there does artisan pizzas with Mediterranean themes.  He makes them while you wait.
We got two because I have food sensitivity issues with the meats Ed loves--the pepperoni and sausages.  So he got one loaded with several kinds of meat and cheese with the red sauce for himself and for me he got the Aegean Chicken which has olives, onion, spinach, artichoke heart, sun dried tomato and garlic with a creamy white sauce.

I had one piece of his and he had two of mine.  Both were loaded with flavors to swoon for.

It has been a very long time since we had pizza and it isn't something we'll be doing regularly either since we could eat normally for three or four days on the same $25 so it was an occasion.

Disclosure: nothing to disclose as I'm posting about this totally on impulse and not in exchange for anything.  It was the highlight of my day if not my week so it was an obvious topic.

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