Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Serenity #213

iz do dis maisef  kan u bweaves it?

I have accomplished my highest priority Bloggiesta goal!!!!!

I changed templates. And I did it myself.

Of course I had my techie husband sitting across the table from me to answer questions and make suggestions but I made every final decision and every mouse-click and keyboard tap myself.

I made the graphic for the header myself too. But I must give proper credit for the photo which I adapted to my sister-friend Jamie who made the shot out the car window when she came along when my sister delivered me back to Ed at Rice Hill OR last winter. Probably in late January.

I have loved this photo so much that I've had it as my desktop since July.

Light coming out of the dark can stand as a theme for my life so this may end up being a long term look and not the temp graphic I set out to make this weekend to stand in until I could create one that had images representing all my passions: reading, writing, needlework/crochet, cats....

I've been contemplating such an all encompassing image since last summer during the last Bloggiesta. But I couldn't come up with a concept that didn't overwhelm me with clutter and I have enough of that to deal with in the room I spend 90% of my time in.

At the moment, I'm pretty happy with the way this looks. Any thoughts?

Of course, all my new sidebars and footer columns still need a lot of work. I have fiddled with them some but I've still got a lot of reorganizing to do. Especially where the images are too big for the new sidebar widths. Also many links I know are defunct and I'm sure there are more I'm unaware of. And there are many many more I want to add. I've been putting off working on my side bar because I knew this template switch was in the works.

I'm probably going to be changing fonts and colors too but that will have to wait until my eyes have had a rest. And my brain. I've been awake nearly 20 hours now and have been working on this non-stop for eight.

Oh yes. A great big thanks to for the free template. I chose The Professional Template

2 tell me a story:

Nicola O. 1/23/2011 5:49 PM  

The template looks great, and I love your header. I didn't see what it looked like before, but this is awfully nice. :-)

I use "ourblogtemplates" as well and have been really pleased with it-- very stable.

Reading your "about me," I'd like to connect you with a friend of mine who has a similar story to tell - you can find her at

Happy Bloggiesta!

Jamie 1/24/2011 3:51 AM  

Great job! I'm honored that you chose to use my photograph for your masthead. I'm impressed and proud of you.

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