Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bamboo Baby Afghan at 4 Weeks

My past method of spreading it out on a fleece blanket on the bed for its weekly picture wouldn't work this week. I can't get far enough away to get the whole thing in the shot. And by whole thing I mean folded in half which it is here too as it is hung over the handle on the oven door. Even this won't work next week. At least not without bunching it up as it is already the same width as the oven door.

It is now 36 by 21 inches tho what you see there is 18 by 21. I'll be adding approximately 22 more inches or 4.5 more iterations of the 10 row pattern plus the 3 finishing off rows. I'm just starting row 109. My daily quota is supposed to be 4 rows but today I did 6 which helps make up for a few days I did less than 4.

Here's a close up showing the stitch in more detail:

I just learned on Monday that my niece hopes to bring the baby down this way to see his great-grandparents and the rest of the extended family in the area sometime in late February. It is a tentative plan depending on work schedules and weather effects on the roads between Montana and Southern Oregon. But that gives me a date to shoot for and I can put it in the mail if they can't make the trip.

I expect I have 8 to 10 days of work to finish the rows. Then I start on the fringe and I have no idea how to estimate the time for that but I imagine I need to plan on a full week. I have decided to fringe only the two ends where the thread tails are and hid the tails inside the fringe. I won't be fringing the long edges after all so that eliminates over half that project.

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