Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Eyes Always Bigger Than

i warnd u all u gonna get iz a brayneeayk if u try swallo dis minee wurdz dat fas

I'm having some mental indigestion over all projects I've got going anyone of which is more than I can manage in the time I've got available. It has been a habit that defines me since my earliest memories to make big plans, have massive aspirations and huge expectations and then be surprised and disappointed when I can't follow through.

These thoughts were prompted by an attempt to do a wrap-up post on the 2010 reading challenges I signed up for. Even that wrap-up post is too big a project for one day tho as I haven't kept my lists updated since before NaNo and it is hard to face it since my failure was so huge.

This led to thoughts about all the other projects:

  • The 20+ unfinished stories set in a 150+ character storyworld
  • Printing good drafts and submitting of several finished stories and poems
  • The dozen or two unfinished sewing or craft projects...
  • Now including the 205 row by 300 stitches baby afghan now on row 29 for a baby due this week.
  • Creating a for sale page on Joystory for the bookmarks or an Etsy account
  • That mystery website I've been building and hinting at here since 2006! (how serious could I be?)
  • The two dozen library books checked out
  • The two full season DVD collections checked out and due Monday
  • The six TV series I'm currently watching via Netflix and the two 500 item queues on my account there--one for DVD and one for streaming. (umm probably doesn't belong in this list but in the one that explains why this list gets longer by the day. Tho in my defense I am always crocheting or sewing while watching)
  • The dozen or three 'junk'* boxes I need to sort
  • The daily posting on a writing/book blog that no longer earns the title but has morphed into a LOLcat/DVD 'review'/crochet blog
  • The 60 or so incomplete book reviews intended for posting
  • The elebenty dozen research projects--for the storyworld, for posts or just because I love to research
  • The Book Drum profile for The River Why which I began for their tournament last January that is still unpublished... (all the sections except the bookmarks are fully fleshed out but I've got 26 bookmarks for the first 10 pages and nothing for the remaining 300--nothing posted that is tho I have several dozen more prepped in my notes)
  • And then there's the temptation to sign up for this year's tournament! (brayneewack?)
  • A review copy of a book that came in November (during NaNo) which I've not read yet and which needs to go to top of priority now that NaNo and the holiday season is past. (ah it could make a great Book Drum profile! It's set in China during the revolution in the POV of an American missionary. The possibilities just glow and shimmer in my mind...yeah probably brain indigestion!)
Well, I started working on the Book Drum profile again after Christmas and have set myself a deadline of the end of January. I will click the publish button on February 1st regardless of the bookmarks status.

And then I may allow myself to sign up for the tournament. Tho that's a month late it doesn't deadline until April 30.

I am considering changing the parameters of the baby afghan and making it a buggy or bassinet blanket instead of a crib blanket by making it square at 36 inches or making the 36 inch rows the long side and work to 30 inches instead of 40 which would be respectively 185 or 155 rows instead of 205 which means finishing as much as much as one day sooner per four rows lesser. Very tempting.

One way or another a few of those 'junk'* boxes will be dealt with this week else I'll be replacing my pillow with that box of thread from Joanne.com due to arrive late this week!

*I put junk in quotes because it's primarily not garbage but useful stuff like craft supplies, desk gadgets, office supplies, notes, craft projects, meds and food supplements and computer attachments that have just got in a jumble. Tho I'm sure there are some who would quibble

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