Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bamboo Baby Afghan at 3 Weeks

Bamboo Baby Afgan @ week 3
77 of 155 rows complete

Am officially at the half way mark now. What you see in the pic is folded in half the long way so what is visible is one quarter of the finished afghan which is now approximately fifteen inches wide. The full length is 36 inches.

But those last four rows took the equivalent stitching of ten to twelve rows to get enough keepers. In spite of having inspected every row before starting a new row, I still found mistakes in the row below the one I was working that required taking out both rows or portions thereof. So many times I lost count. But a minimum of twice on each row and four or five times on the middle white and yellow--rows 75 and 76.

After reaching row 33 at the end of one week I anticipated being on row 99 by today.

Ha. Ha.

I've been dreaming about crocheting. Am beginning to think I could crochet with my eyes closed or even while asleep.

But in my dreams the colors are bright or dark. Especially blues, purples and red. Also black and white. But no pastels.

I think the problem in the last couple days has been my eyes rebelling against the yellow on white and white on yellow because even tho I had to take out portions of the lilac row several times the mistakes were always in the white row beneath it and that white row was above a pale yellow row which was above a white row..

Ed suggests I set it aside for a couple days. Maybe work with some of those bright colors I've been dreaming about and some of the different stitches. Maybe even learn a new stitch. Can't say I'm not tempted.

But I have visions of not finishing it before my grandnephew has graduated from his crib.

Or high school.

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