Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Can You Find Your Kitty?

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You'll have to click on the image and open it to an enlargable version to make it readable. I just found this endlessly fascinating and spent nearly an hour lost in it. I just saved a copy of it for reference. Just for fun, yes. But more for those many occasions when I have cats in my stories and want to be sure I describe something that isn't impossible unless I'm writing fantasy or sci-fi.

It wasn't hard at all to find my Merlin on here. His orangy-tan tabby coat is rather common. But I wondered if I could find my Gremlyn (d. March 2007) whose coat was so distinctive I have never seen another quite like it. She had tabby markings but only on her tail, face and lower legs. the rest of her from back of head to base of tail was like a dense mixture of salt, pepper and paprika floating on coffee tinted cream. Well I learned on this chart that she is a ticked tabby with the ticks scatter uniformly over the coat in a flecked or freckled pattern which is a coat found only in the Abyssinian, Agouti and Somalian breeds. I'd known Gremlyn had a mix of Abyssinian and Siamese and Tabby but until now I hadn't know how to talk about why she could look the way she did while her sister Shekinah (runaway Sept 2000) had the full on long-haired blue-eyed Siamese look with just a hint of the Tabby stripes on her face, legs and tail.

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