Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bamboo Baby Afghan at 2 Weeks

At the end of the second week I'd hoped to double the first week's 33 rows which would have meant reaching the end of row 66 by mid morning today but I only made it to 54. 12 rows short reflects the three days I split my attention with the new shipment from and the 6 or so rows I had to do twice over the week.

It could have been worse. I just did twelve rows in two days. Plus three re-dos so it could have been 15 or 6.5 per day. But that left very little time for anything else and about zapped my eyes.

But still I'm hoping to keep up a better than 5 row per day pace now instead of the 4 because I'm still hoping to finish by early February and that includes the fringe.

Speaking of the fringe. See all the tails hanging off the edge? That would be a nightmare of tail-tucking with a final total of 155 X 2. But after I'd tried tucking the first few after I'd made one complete iteration of the ten row pattern, I didn't like what it did to the appearance and I came up with an alternative. I'm going to incorporate the tails into the fringe pieces, making sure to attach each fringe piece where the two stop and start colors intersect at the beginning and end of each row, using the same two colors--white plus the pastel. I haven't tried it yet tho so I'm hoping it is going to work.

Another point of concern: I just finished--or came so close to finishing I can't get another row our of it--the second white ball of bamboo thread. I got only 13 rows this time instead of the 15 last time. I am hoping this doesn't mean that I've loosened my tension so much that the more recent rows have increased in size over the early rows by so much that even blocking can't square it back up.

Well. Back to work. I haven't even started work since I woke at 9pm and I've usually had a row or two done by 9. I count as a day's work that which is done during my wake period which usually begins in the afternoons but tonight began at 9 because Ed got home from work early and lay down for a nap and slept so hard he didn't wake up for dinner and because I myself had stayed awake until noon today and without him to call me or disturb me with his activity I slept through mostly too though I do remember waking at 6 something and trying to wake him and again at seven when Merlin fell attempting to cross my pillows to get to his window perch and left two long scratches on the inside of my left forearm.

And yet I still went back to sleep. It's been nearly three weeks since Ed went back to day shift but we are both apparently still having difficulty acclimating to it.

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