Monday, January 18, 2010

Sokoban--Hello Old Friend

Love your new skin.

Sokoban has been one of the games on our computers ever since we began using the internet in 1996. Today I went looking for either the one I had on my laptop or a replacement for it and found this one at Source Forge. There are several hundred puzzles to solve and the ability to create your own puzzles to challenge each other.

I won't be having much time for games this my last week at Mom's, but I'm trying to do one or two things per day towards re-creating the environment I had on my laptop and/or getting to know my new netbook and/or organizing files and prepping for an easy back up method.

Saturday night I set about to move all my files from the laptop's hard drive onto the netbook. It took ten hours!!! At least six of that was the actual copying of files from drive to drive. It is knowing that such amounts of time are involved that makes procrastinating such a habit.

I think I figured out one thing that would help allieviate that issue. I realized that many, many, many of the folders will never be added to or subtracted from and most of those are the biggest files--images or graphics, video, audio and pdf. So what I need to do is back them up once and for all in a safe place and then for the regular back ups only worry about folders that have changed since the last back up.

Like, 'Duh!" right?

Now that those files are all on board though, I can be untethered from the external drives. That was imposing a frustrating limitation. What's a netbook good for if not for mobility?

Well we got a wind storm going on here in Longview so I should get this posted while the power is still on.

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