Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Having a Ball

ai haz a ball
moar funny pictures

I'm enjoying my visit with family, getting my new netbook set up, and reading. Also crocheting with three new thread colors I picked up on Saturday after buying my netbook. Pastel green, pink and blue. I've already made a book mark in each color and am starting one of the two-color bookmarks, incorporating one of the new colors.

I'm also getting caught up on sleep. Went to bed before nine last night and woke before dawn so I'm probably going to be ready to sleep early again tonight.

I hope to get my camera introduced to my netbook soon so I can post pictures of the new colors of thread and the bookmarks I'm making.

Then there is Bradley, my nephew's cat, whose been hanging close with me a lot since i got here. I think he remembers me from my six month visit last year. He's constantly purring when near me. I'd like to post pictures of him. He's really helping soothe the missing of my own cat Merlin.

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