Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More From the Family Photo Scan Project

On this last trip to Longview I did not get to choose to work at scanning photos until just about the very last minute. My focus the first two weeks was in getting acquainted with my new netbook and rescuing files off my laptop hard drive which wasn't accomplished until a week ago Saturday which left me only one week of my visit. I didn't scan any at all until the wee hours of the morning I left when the only thing left to pack was my netbook and HABA and it was only by giving up sleep entirely that I was able to scan about twenty scanner beds worth in just under two hours. The box of photos I did were of my Dad's parent's siblings and their families.

For this post I chose three snaps of my Great Uncle Lynn Coon in time. In the top one he is with Aunt Julia (whom I never met) and baby Nola sometime in the 1930s or late 1920s. I'm pretty sure he was Grandpa Fay's younger brother.

Above is Uncle Lynn again. This time with Aunt Ruth (whom I knew and remember, tho I would have been 2 when this pic was taken in 1959) with grown-up and married Nola. They are standing atop the New Yorker Hotel. The back of the pic says "on 'our' 'their' honeymoon" with the 'our' and the 'their' in quotes and stacked. It makes me wonder if this was Uncle Lynn and Aunt Ruth's honeymoon as well as Nola's and her husband is taking the picture. It would only be wondering.

I should try to ask my Dad's elder brother Dean, (a professional photographer) while he is still available for such questions. He's the only one of Fay's three sons still living.

At any rate, New York was a long way from home for this Idaho gladiola farmer.

This is Uncle Lynn in 1978 the year I was married and thus more like who I remember. Like my Grandpa Fay, he loved to fish.

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