Friday, January 22, 2010

No Time for Games

But I created the puzzle for the button picture in my Jigsaw Puzzle Lite game in order to show Mom and my sister what I was talking about. I won't allow myself to start putting it together until i get home and settled. Which probably means no sooner than after my doctor appointment Tuesday.

My sister and I are planning to leave here (Longview WA) Sunday morning before ten in order to meet my husbund in Rice Hill OR in the early afternoon.

I'll be saying my goodbyes to Mom Saturday afternoon as she heads to my brother's where she'll stay until my sister reaches Portland on her return trip.

Tomorrow is all about packing and last minute visiting. And maybe a few other last minute tasks if there is time--like taking more pictures of the buttons and maybe claiming some for some of those crafty projects I discussed in last night's post, some family photo scanning, reading the last couple chapters in one or more of the books I can't take home with me...

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