Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hot Off the Scanning Bed

Since I'm so close to finished with the scanning step of the family photo scanning project, I'm going to start prepping the photos for the digital photo album that is the goal. That means cropping, resizing, naming and, where necessary, rotating each individual photo which is usually one of several on the scanning bed image.

There are several hundred (over five) scanning bed images. Each with an average of three to four pictures.

They'll all need tagging and commenting on as well. I hope to get my Mom's help with that either the next time I visit or by sending pictures via email for her to comment on.

Whenever there was info on the back of photos I would flip that photo in place and scan the bed again immediately in order to preserve the information without having to write labels to lay under or beside the pictures. Below is the back side of the scanning bed image heading this post. You might recognize the pic o Uncle Lynn from yesterday's post.

I'm doing the image manipulating in MS Paint as that is the only program that came with my computer that has all the editing tools I need. How I miss Image Zone which came loaded on my laptop in 2005. I've downloaded several free applications but they are all lacking some essential thing. Except for Gimp which is far from lacking but in its comprehensiveness has me totally intimidated. I do need to just settle down and learn my way around Gimp and then maybe I would be protected against the inconvenience of loosing access to my image software along with the demise of a computer. Gimp is open source and we've had it on each of our computer's since 1997. It has grown in complexity faster than I could keep up with.

Anyway. Yesterday I shared pictures of Dad's Uncle Lynn, one of his father's brothers. Today I give you his Uncle Carl, his mother's brother and his wife. As you can see on the back side in the image above, her name was not included.

As far as I know, I never met Uncle Carl. I think all of my Grandma's family remained in the mid west in the vicinity of Nebraska and Oklahoma.

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