Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Thread, New Bookmarks, New Aps

I've made six bookmarks since I left home. The first was the two toned green. Then I picked up three new colors of crochet thread the same day I got my netbook. Since then I've made five with them. Pale green, pink and blue. The pink one in the middle of the right hand bunch of three isn't showing very pink but the shade is almost right in the middle stripe of the one on the far left. I've tucked the tails on the right three but not the left three.

Bradley, the family cat here at my mom's, was quuite intrigued by those tails. He grabed that blue and pink one three times while I tried to take the pics.

Bradley: Such a helpful kitty

Well, the posting of these pics marks another milestone crossed in the developing relationship between me and my new netbook. I've obviously successfully introduced my camera to it. I took a chance that all I had to do was plug the camera in via the USB port as usual because when I did so with my portable mouse and with a smart thumb drive both times the netbook searched for and installed the necessary drivers.

But I had no image manipulating program on board and had to go searching for a free one. The first one I tried didn't allow editing other than autofix else I couldn't figure it out. So I had to find and try a second. Not thrilled with it either but it at least allowed me to get these two prepped for posting. Tho I couldn't figure out how to resize them for web posting so they might load slow.

There are some aps that were on my laptop that I'll really miss and many I probably can't get loaded onto the netbook or any future computer as they are no longer supported.

What I miss the most is the routine--knowing what moves to make from start to finish in prepping a post, in prepping pics for posts, in just about any activity I once did on my laptop. Learning my way around a new system is a challenge with impaired vision. Add to that that I've always had difficulty adjusting to change, to new environments, new routines, new places, new anything really.

Ah well. Adjustments. What life is full of if you're living it.

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