Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Serenity #155

The five crocheted bookmarks destined for the winners of my RIF read-a-thon mini-challenge

I took a little break from NaNo today even though it might mean I don't get my win this year. Still need between 6 & 10K. But today I wanted to hang with Ed on possibly his one day off this week and he wanted to have a Gilmore Girl marathon. So during his cig intermissions between episodes, I crocheted and finally finished the last of the five bookmarks for the winners of my mini-challenge at the read-a-thon over a month ago now. I hope to get them in the mail this week.

I'm not happy with the blue one on the far left. I misjudged the length of ribbon and I think I'm going to pull it out and measure out a long-enough piece to make the tails at the bottom about four to six inches. I'm not happy with the picture either. The colors are not showing true. The purple and green one in the middle, the one I made today, especially is not right. It was even worse before I fiddled with the color hue and saturation and brightness and contrast. Before that the green looked blue and the purple looked blue-violet and the ribbon looked magenta. But in getting that one to look more like itself, I made the two variegated pastels to either side of it look too bright and color saturated than they really are. I think I need lessons in taking pictures.

Anyway. I'm looking forward to the end of NaNo in a bit over 23 hours now. I got a taste of one of the things I gave up in the last couple weeks and I am craving more. More TV stories. More crochet or needlework. More reading of fiction. More sleep. More exercise. More goofing off--like computer solitaire, mah jong and jigsaw puzzles. More just-because music that might mess with the mood I need to establish for whatever story scene I'm working on.

But I can wait one more day. It would be a bit silly to just quit on the last day. Not that I really want to quit. I am enmeshed in the story world to the point I can't think about anything else for sustained amounts of time. I do want the word count pressure lifted though so that I can relax and enjoy a slower pace. I want to be able to savor the ah ha moments and all the moments in between while feeling safe to stay all day-dreamy which is what incubates the story.

But enough of this. Now is not the time to be musing about the fit between a NaNo pace and my preferred work habits. Now is for pressing on toward the mark.

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