Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Serenity #154

Still got drumming on my mind. See last weeks post. Got a kick out of this vid of Jerry Lewis in a drum duel with Buddy Rich. Loved the huge eclectic collection of drums in Jerry's 'set'. It made me feel like:

But then the nasty harpies started messing with my head. "Whahahahaha. What female drummers besides babies banging pots and pans have you ever heard of?"


Harpies: "Oh yeah? but what about blind drummers? Bwararharharharhar."

What do ya know...

Harpies: But that's a kid. Who ever heard of an over fifty woman learning the drums? *Kackle*


Harpies: She wasn't over 50 when she started!!

Oh stuff it you ol shrews!!! I've got as much right to make noise as you do. Get outta my space less I start practicin' on your face!

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