Saturday, November 07, 2009

Josh and Emily Dickens Updates

If you're new to this story see my original post about the tragic car accident these close family friends were in three weeks ago--just five weeks after their wedding.

I haven't updated on Josh and Emily's situation since that post as I have been getting my info several days after its news so I really didn't think it would be useful to anyone. But tonight my sister has forwarded a week's worth of update emails that end with this evening and two important links were included in one of them.

Click the pic at top to see a synopsis of the story and contribute to the fund set up to see them through the next 6 months to a year. Emily had their main income job as Josh was still in college. She won't be able to return to work for at least six months. She'll be wearing the halo for the broken neck for at least three months.

The latest on Josh is that the surgery on his eye may not be necessary after all. He was released from the hospital at Port Angeles just over a week ago and has been at Emily's side at Harborview Hospital in Seattle every moment he can since.

The latest on Emily is that she has had to return to ICU this evening after having been moved to her own room Friday morning and allowed to go about in a wheelchair. There is some indication of an ulcer or internal bleeding. She is also not making enough of her own blood and may need more transfusions.

So prayers for them and their families are still welcomed with gratitude.

Here is the link to the Facebook where up to the minute updates are posted.

My sister has taken on the care of Josh and Emily's puppy Harley. She has had training and experience in training puppies and dogs and my Mom was gracious enough to welcome him into her home where my sister and her son live. I'm scheduled to make a couple week visit to Mom's after Thanksgiving so I'll get to meet this little pup.


Ah, shucks, I thought I'd saved a copy of Harley's pic my sister shared via IM but I couldn't find it. I just spent an hour looking for it (really need to organize and winnow my picture folders) and now its past midnight so by default I've logged another zero word count day for NaNo.

I gave up on the pic and posted without it then went to join the Josh and Em facebook page where I found my sister had posted a link for the pic so I came straight back and added it here. He's a cutie. 4 month old German Shepherd, Austrailian Shepard and Pit Bull cross. I also found the link to the article that had the pic of Josh at Emily's bedside and added it while I was at it. Click that pic to reach the article.

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