Sunday, July 24, 2005

This is the real issue

If the Federalist Society is now vetting all nominations for the courts, how long before the entire accumulation of progressive gains since the Civil War has been whittled down to slivers and blown away by the first gust of hot air from a bloviating pontificator? Just one point to contemplate: these people do not believe the issue of privacy is addressed by the constitution at all and thus is not a right granted us by the constitution. That one dogma of theirs would impact many progressive agendas.

Learn about their agenda and then start advocating for the debalkinization of the Progressive/Liberal/Left leaning agenda into its myriad of single-issure, obsessive-compulsive, militant, tunnel-visioned, people who cannot see the fact that, divided we are already conquered. We must learn to coordinate and cooperate as well as the Right has been doing for the last thirty years. We must develop the thinkers who are able to see the overall pattern into which their favorite issue fits and are then able to articulate that to others in such a way that they grasp all the implications.

They have weakened or rolled back statutes on civil rights and affirmative
action; voting rights; women¹s rights and abortion rights; workers¹ rights;
prisoners¹ rights; and the rights of consumers, the handicapped, and the
elderly. Add to that the consequences of non-delegation if further extended.
Regulatory oversight by federal agencies would then be kicked back to Congress
and the states--like the power to preserve open pipelines in telecommunications,
to regulate transportation, the drugs we take, the food we eat. Would we really
want elected officials directly responsible for regulating industries that are
also major sources of their campaign funds?

How close is the tipping point? I have this sense of foreboding that it is very near. I hope that is just fatigue.

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