Sunday, July 17, 2005

Peeved With My Pets

Had great plans for this session. Always do and they always get flummoxed in some way. This time it was by my two cats. Gremlin and Merlin. I don't know which one was responsible but I strongly suspect Gremlin because she was so aptly named. Wish I could post pictures but I don't have access to a digital camera or any other way of taking pictures and then getting them scanned into the computer. But oh what a picture I could have taken last night. Or rather this morning. Well, just before one this Sunday morning which was still last night for me--actually it is still tonight for me since I haven't been to bed. Geez it is hard to talk about time when keeping a schedule like the one I keep. My work day starts between 10pm and midnight most days and is wrapping up between dawn and eight most mornigs so talking about events that happened before and during and those I expect to happen after...well I get the tongue of my thoughts all tangled with the syntax and.....anyway I digress as usual. Am too tired to be doing this.

Too tired because I didn't get enough sleep Saturday before I had to be over to my husband's Grandma's to sit with her while the family went to the dirt-track races. Too tired because we are having a heat-wave this week--temps in the high 90s and nudging over 100. Heat zaps me at the best of times and that is not these. Too tired because I spent the day in an environment which I had little control over, especially over noise level. With the cooler on at Grandma's the TV has to be very loud for us to hear it. And then when we try to talk we have to practically yell and there is a lot of 'what?' and cupped ears being exchanged. I often have to get up and cross the room to hear and be heard. Tiring. Not so much the crossing the room but the noise level itself and the constant state of anxiety it puts me in.

As tired as I was all day though, I continued to anticipate the night's work session with enthusiasm. I had finally, over the past week or so gotten my nerve up to get serious about promoting my sites and I had several site promotion plans I hoped to implement this session. Beginning with the acquiring of a site meter so that I could track the results. I was so hoping to get started by midnight. And the expectation wasn't too out there since the races are supposed to be over at eleven so they usually pick me up by eleven-thirty. But this time it was well after midnight before we got home and it typically takes fifteen to twenty minutes for the rest of the family to wind down and head off to bed, leaving the living-room and thus the computer to me. But I was unable to get started even that soon as I was confronted by a disaster in our room when I went in to greet my babies who had been left alone for almost eleven hours. Part of my makeshift book shelf had collapsed, spilling dozens of books onto the floor in the narrow pathway between the cardboard box shelves and the bed. Mixed in with the books were a lot of misc. stuff that had been set in and among the books--from Q-tips to nail clippers; tissues to tweezers, cough drops to calculator; book marks to notebooks; ear plugs to erasers; pencils and pens to coins and chocolate; eyeglasses to magnifying glasses; photos to nail-files....

Some of it had been organized, some of it had not. There had been a catchall tray for those odds and ends which had got dumped and a mini-gift-bag that held about a hundred book marks organized by height that had spilled. A pair of stackable desk trays with magazines, notebooks, papers and clipboards which had perched on top of the box that held the books spewed its contents all over the top of the mess like an avalanche layered over an avalanche.

The room was still a sauna, the light in there is equivalent to sixy watts which is for me like less than forty watts for most people. The cats attempted to help. Gremlin by jumping on my back as I bent over the mess; Merlin by wending a figure eight around my feet, binding my ankles with his leash. I got most of the stuff picked up and piled on the bed while enduring ther 'help' but there was no way I was going to be able to put it all back together with them walking all over the stuff and me. But I had to wait until my husband's folks headed to bed before I could leave the cats in his custody in the livingroom. And this of all nights they hung out for over half an hour. I think my father-in-law had got started in a poker game on TV. Anyway, it was after two before I got sat down at the computer.

At least I got the site meter posted and working. But I wasn't able to do any of the things to encourage visitors so it won't have much to do yet. Plus I had a completely different post planned for this session and that will have to wait. Gotta sign off now. Just ran out of time.

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