Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Introducing Phoenix Feathers

Featured in my sidebar is (or will be if I don't run out of time by the time I post this) a link list titled Phoenix Feathers. These are links to organizations who are promoting by word and deed one or more of. those values recognized by all Progressives. Among those values (but not exhausting the list) are freedom, opportunity, prosperity, equity, fairness, community building, honesty, mutual responsibility, cooperation, protection of the vulnerable, stewardship of the environment, hope, peace, tolerance, healthy minds and bodies, ethical business, education, open dialog & recognizing the dignity of each individual.

Why Phoenix Feathers? Because the fact of these organizations existence, the large numbers of them, the tenacity of the values they espouse under seige in these dark times, gives me hope that the Phoenix of Progressivism is rising from the ashes adorned in the resplendant feathers of every individual, community and organization that promotes and lives its values.

I've collected dozens of these URLs in my browser favorites. I will indroduce them one by one in posts like this one. I chose to begin with ONE because it is relevant to the G8 conference in Edinburgh this week and ONE is conducting an urgent signiture drive to present to the policy makers attending. Learn about the ONE campaign's vision for making extreme poverty history and if it fits with your own values, if you feel you can support their vision with mind and heart, then

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