Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Buzz on Over & Give Kim Kudos

Kim Antieau's blog Furious Spinner contains powerful writing by a seasoned story teller on the themes of myth, fantasy, nature, progressive politics, living with chronic illness, love, vegetarianism, family relationships, poetry, libraries, living on the Columbia Gorge & the exegencies of the writer's life. With some photo blogging thrown in.

She has written 500,000 words on FS in the last two years and none of it is boring. None of it is irrelevant. She is also a published author with five books published and three more in the post-acceptance pipeline, several more in rough-draft stages. She is also very good at the political rant from the Progressive world view. She writes unabashedly from a heart big enough to cradle the world.

But she has just gone on indefinite hiatus, considering giving up blogging altogether in order to invest her efforts where there would be more visible evidence of results. This would be a great loss to the Progressive slice of the blogosphere. We can't afford to loose her. Furious Spinner is a gem among blogs! A rare multi-faceted jewel that is creative, intelligent, eccentric, informative, giving, heartfelt, energetic, timely, timeless & well written all in one glittering package.

So if any of this sounds of interest to you, buzz on over and explore. Don't neglect the archives! And if you find anything meaningful, useful, informative or moving pass it along by any means at your disposal. And by all means drop her a line via comments or email.

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