Friday, July 29, 2005


As an addendum to the previous post I will speak here of the Left Behind series. I will never review them either here or in Joyread for I would rather kiss a venomous serpent than open the covers of one of these books. I have read a few excerpts in reviews on line. And no, I won't provide the links. It was bad enough that I increased their stats by my visit. I won't be responsible for sending even one more their way.

I once listened to my Dad reading a paragraph aloud with a certain glee that sent shivers down my spine. This is the same man who rarely--nearly never--bought books when I was growing up. Yet he bought every one of these. And I confess that if these books had come out when I was a teenager or even in my twenties I would have been as eager for them as any other fundie. I devoured similar fare in the seventies and I once did such a good job of depicting the terrors of the Tribulation Age and Apocalypse in bedtime stories related to my six-year-old sister and her sleepover friend that her friend's mother never let her spend the night again.

Now I shudder at those memories and become nearly apoplectic when contemplating the thesis of these stories. For if the Jesus depicted in these books is the true Jesus he can have his hell and eat it too. There is no way I could trust, praise, worship, or obey such an entity. His hell would be preferable to his presence. If that image of a Jesus triumphant as one who points at evildoers to inflict torturous plagues that melt their flesh off their bones as they scream, points at the ground under their feet so that it opens up and swallows them screaming, into a lake of fire--if that is the ultimate truth about him…well, if that is not evil incarnate nothing is. And if that is the same Jesus who once proclaimed that God is Love, there is no Hope in the Cosmos. And if the slavering throngs who read these stories and fancy themselves to be among the saved whose role is to be the cheering throng accompanying this devil god’s victorious return and exulting in the vicious revenge of a master sadist, then please, please, please leave me behind!

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Anonymous,  7/30/2005 2:46 AM  

And oh so-horribly written.
Check out this blog:
for a sad, sad journey through the world of LEFT BEHIND! (Not my blog by the way, maybe you'll find it interesting.)

"Half the world is gone? Who cares, something vague and obscure is happening in Israel!" *gag*

Pat Kirby 7/31/2005 2:19 PM  


Not that I would bother reading any of them, but picked one up and did the "first page" test. The thing was a study in what not to do in fiction. I've read better crafted novels written by beginners in my critique group.

Jamie 8/03/2005 10:02 PM  

I personally don't care for the "Left Behind Series" Personally, I think it is a bunch of people trying to scare each other with dooms day, which has been happening for millions of years. It hasn't happened yet.

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