Monday, July 04, 2005

My sidebar links are up and running.

Finally figured it out. Myself. Tho with my husband the code geek sitting two feet away as a ready FAQ whenever I needed to bolster my confidence in my comprehension of the instructions in the Blogger Help article How do I edit my links list?. I probably could have done it while sitting alone in the room afterall, if not for a neurotic need to have confirmation from some kind of authortiy before I committ to an action. Just a common personality quirk? Or more fallout from my Fundamentalist upbringing? Probably some warping combination. Anyway I have a links list now. Tho I don't call it that. So far I have two sections. The first is titled: Joy Renee on the web, and has three (so far) items. The first is my email. The second is to Joywrite, showcasing my stories, poems, essays, Reflections on writing and the writing life, and resources for writers. The third is to Joyread, featuring my reviews of books I've read, Reflections on reading and research, and resources for readers and researchers. Both sites are in their infancy. Especially the resources pages. I've got reams of URLs collected but I've just not got around to creating the HTML pages. Not my favorite part of the process. Witness the fact it took me over four hours to get this task accomplished and the links test drove. One didn't work and I had to go back into the HTML and figure out why. With my living, breathing FAQ long gone to bed.

The second section of my links list is titled Blogs I Haunt. There are only a handful there for now. Will be adding more. Am also planning to add at least two more sections. One for sites I trust for news and analysis of current events. Hint: no MSM. The other a list of organizations with progressive values who are sources of good information and/or outlets for acting on the progressive values in the world. The talk without the walk is naught but chalk dust on the welkin.

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