Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Make Up

There Is No Feeling More Comforting And Consoling Than Knowing You Are Right Next To The One You Love - Happy Valentine’s Day

Today at 5pm would have been 20 days of silence between us but I showed up on his porch before 7am so we could hash this out in person.

Apologies and tears
walking and talking, and talking and talking...

More tears.  More talk.  Hugs and munchies.

And kisses...

And promises to never hurt each other like this again...
To return to practicing communication skills
and stress coping skills that do no harm to self or other
and to have regular visits like this until it becomes possible to have our home together again.

We kept thinking it would be soon but it's been nearly two years and that's just too long to be physically apart even with phone, text and video chats. Misunderstandings are too easily created and exacerbated by too much guessing and wrong assumptions.

We'll be spending tomorrow together again.  Maybe getting our own room...

But I need to have a good 10 or 12 hour sleep first so I don't sabotage what is left of our time together.

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