Thursday, February 05, 2015

Crochet Möbius Strip Prep

Crochet Crafter's Tote: Möbius Strip Prep
I finally got all of the yarn markers woven into the mesh of the Möbius Strip.  One marking the middle of the bottom.  One marking the opposite side of the hoop where the twist will be trapped inside a wrap.  And two on each end where the pockets will be formed by the wrap-around the front/sides panel.  The bottom edge of which can be seen under the Möbius strip in the photo.

I did two for the ends so that I could fold it over to double the bottom of the pockets as one of my efforts to reinforce areas to decrease the floppiness of the bag.

The reason for the yarn markers was to ensure there was a straight line across the width so the corners of the bag would be positioned so as not to put any skew into the mesh across the bottom--no puckering, no discrepancies in width and length between the opposite sides and so forth.

At the midpoint between the two yarn markers on the left I crocheted a row of 6 chain loops for joining the bottom of the panel to.  I will be doing the same on the other end.  I just got those two yarn markers in tonight.  My visual impairment makes this a challenging task.  The first one took me nearly three hours while the second one took less than half an hour.  I got that second one in on the first try while the first one had to be removed wholly or in part repeatedly as I kept zigging to the side

The 6 chain joining loops are already crocheted around the outer edge of the panels but for where the Möbius strip needs to be attached to form the front side of the pockets I'll need to crochet a row of the loops on the outer edge of the third column of squares on each end.  The back side of the pockets are covered by the joining loops already on the panel forming the back, top and front flap.

Mom is leaving for my brother's tomorrow and my sister is going to the coast with a friend so I'm going to be free to focus on this as much as my eyes will allow between now and Sunday evening.  My goal for the weekend is to have the front panel joined to the Möbius strip before Mom gets home Sunday evening.

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