Friday, February 13, 2015

Crocheted Newsboy Cap

Crocheted Newsboy Cap
This was supposed to be my husband's Christmas present but will be his Valentine's gift instead.

I had no pattern.  I watched several videos on YouTube of different styles of
hats being crocheted and picked up the techniques I needed--increasing and decreasing stitches, making bills etc.  Then I Googled Newsboy Cap and feasted my eyes on the images.  Then I started working the round, increasing steadily until it was about eight or so inches across or 23 inches in diameter.  The first tine I reached the 6 inch mark I found it bunching up and ended up taking it all the way out and starting over.

After that I worked it like a sculpture.  I knew the shape I wanted and guestimated where and how many increases and decreases were needed.  There was bit of taking work out that didn't look like what I was aiming at but not nearly as much as I expected.

I tried it on in front of a mirror at the end of every round once the 'sculpting began.  That helped me guesstimate better with fewer fewer 'missunderguestimating.

It grew on me so that I now want to make one for myself.

shhh but I'm hoping to hand this to him in person on V-Day.

Crown him with my love.

I poured my love into every stitch.

And not a few tears.

Hoping he doesn't hand it back...

19 days... :(

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