Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I broke out one of the skeins of wool lace weight yarn I bought on my birthday to wind it into a ball so I could start a scarf and hat set with it.  But apparently there is a trick to turning those fancy yarn twists into balls and I don't know it.  Its the second tie I've bought yarn or thread that comes hanks instead of balls or skeins.  The first time was the hand painted silk thread I made Mom's and my MIL's shawls out of.  And that time I accepted their offer to wind it for me before I left the shop.

This time there was no offer and I didn't think about it.

So today, in less than half an hour I had 400 yards of snarls.

I had at least kept track of both ends and now have two golf ball sized balls wound from each end.  Took a couple hours to get that much.  It is going to be a long haul.

It's a good thing I enjoy desnarling thread and yarn.  I find it a quite calming activity.  As well as challenging like a good puzzle

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