Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Sister Snagged a Smile Outta Me

My sister presented me with a 'just because I'm thinking of you' gift of six skeins of Bernat Fleurettes Peacock yarn yesterday.  I actually smiled.

I started winding one into a ball last night but ended up with a great big wad of snarls.  But at least I'm finding this know soothing to untangle.  Unlike the emotional one I've been working on for 18 days now.

To the left of the snarl is the hat I'm making for Ed.  It's supposed to be a newsboy cap.  I hope it turns out to be in the end.  But I'm not working from a pattern.  I couldn't find one I liked for free online so I read a bunch of different hat patterns and watched a bunch of crochet hat videos and took the info and made my own blend of it.

Basically I'm sculpting it as I go, increasing and decreasing or neither in the appropriate sections to create the shape I'm after.  We'll see.

It was supposed to be his Christmas present but I didn't get it done in time.  Then I was aiming for Valentine's Day but the fiasco of the last two weeks has slowed down the project. And now it's too late to get it in the mail in time to reach him by Saturday.   I'm half afraid now that once sent I'll get it back stamped 'Return to Sender' but I know he really wanted it.  It was something he asked for last fall.  So maybe...

I think I should put a warning label on it to keep an inhaler handy since he is apparently so allergic to my tears.

I have a fantasy of being able to hand it to him in person on Valentine's Day.

What can I say?  I'm a dreamer.

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