Sunday, December 01, 2013

Sunday Serenity #365

A Quiet Hawaiian Beach
Picture taken by my sister Carri on her visit 2 years ago this month

This is an ongoing series from my Bucket List of things I desperately want to do before I loose the rest of my vision.

My Bucket List
#7 Visit Hawaii

Tomorrow is our 35th Anniversary.  Which is of course bringing back memories of the year we were married and the previous 15 months of our engagement during which Ed was stationed on Hawaii and spent 6 months overseas in the Korea, Philippines and Japan.  We had even talked about him 'reupping' so he could choose to spend another 4 years there so I could have that time to get to know and love Hawaii like he did with him as my guide.

That didn't happen. But the strong images he created with his stories about the people, places,  history of the islands stoked a longing to see and experience it all for myself which has never died.  I would still like to go but not for a touristy trip, quick and jammed full of as many different sights and experiences as can fit in fourteen days or less.

I dream of going for more than a month.  Several months even.  Three or six or twelve.  And I want to spend the months after the first one researching and writing the novel I started the year after we were married that was inspired by Ed's stories of being a Marine in Hawaii, the friends he made there and the glow in his eyes as he talked about it.

My Bucket List

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